Florida Constitutional Amendment and Legislative Petition Drives

Members of UU congregations in Florida are encouraged to support and circulate these petitions to amend the State Constitution. Research the petitions, choose your cause(s) and collect signatures in your congregation, neighborhoods, organizations and community events.

Florida Medicaid Expansion

Here is the proposed ballot summary. Requires State to provide Medicaid coverage to individuals over age 18 and under age 65 whose incomes are at or below 138 percent of the federal poverty level and meet other non-financial eligibility requirements, with no greater burdens placed on eligibility, enrollment, or benefits for these newly eligible individuals compared to other Medicaid beneficiaries. Directs Agency for Health Care Administration to implement the initiative by maximizing federal financial participation for newly eligible individuals.”

Organizers of the Medicaid Expansion petition campaign have announced they are postponing this effort until the 2022 ballot.

Florida Energy Choice

Let’s be able to choose our own Electricity Provider. Utility monopolies are preventing Florida consumers from benefiting from competition in the electricity market as realized in other U.S. states. 

$15 Minimum Wage

Raises Florida’s Minimum Wage to $15 in steps by 2026.  Florida For A Fair Wage