Move to Amend

Move to Amend is a coalition of hundreds of organizations and hundreds of thousands of individuals committed to social and economic justice, ending corporate rule, and building a vibrant democracy that is genuinely accountable to the people, not corporate interests.

Unitarian Universalists at their 2019 General Assembly strongly approved a Statement of Conscience that expresses support for the “28th We the People Amendment”

To date, 23 UU Congregations in Florida have passed resolutions for Move to Amend and others are encouraged to do so.

The boards of the UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association), UUSC (UU Service Committee), and UUJEC (UUs for a Just Economic Community) have endorsed Move to Amend, along with numerous organizations nationwide.

UUs and their leaders are also encouraged to join the Interfaith Caucus of Move to Amend.

Clusters, districts, or state legislative ministries can take actions such as the following:

  • Advocate for state level democracy reform legislation, voter rights, access, and participation as advocacy priorities.
  • Create and publish report cards on state or local legislators’ records on campaign financing and issues impacting voter rights, access, and participation.
  • Host non-partisan forums that alert congregations and the public to issues related to democratic processes, and information about issues and candidates.
  • Connect congregations that are advocating for democratic reform at the state, local or national level.
  • Use a variety of advocacy tools including media communications, social media, and meetings with legislators to advocate for issues such as voting rights for people with felony convictions, campaign finance reform, and election security.
  • Study gerrymandering issues within the state and advise advocates about recommended actions to ensure fair representation.
  • Monitor and work to prevent privatization efforts and insist on accountability from existing contractors that provide services, such as, private prisons, schools, and “welfare to work” programs.
  • Support efforts to end the Electoral College and in the interim urge states to allocate their electoral votes to the Presidential candidate who won the popular vote.