Unitarian Universalist Justice Florida is a statewide justice ministry for members of 45 Unitarian Universalist congregations in Florida and their social justice committees in partnership with other interfaith and public interest organizations to promote justice, equity and compassion in public policy.

We focus on a limited number of core issues each year to educate, organize and advocate for policies consistent with and supportive of Unitarian Universalist values. We build coalitions with other like minded groups to educate ourselves and the public on critical issues of our day and the tools and skills of civic engagement.

Our goal is to realize the dream of a just society, an improved global community and a sustainable earth, starting in Florida.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is a just and compassionate society, an improved global economy, and a sustainable earth, starting in Florida. 
Our Mission is to promote justice, equity and compassion in public policy, guided by our faith tradition and working with public interest groups and interfaith partners who work for the common good.

The work of UU Justice Florida, our 501(c)(3), provides many topics for study, education and discussion in congregations and concerned organizations. That educational work may inspire individuals to build relationships legislators and advocate for passage of bills consistent with UU values.

Focus and Actions

Environmental Justice

The Climate Resilience Ministry has successfully completed its PhotoVoice Faithify campaign to help teens in the Florida Panhandle who are affected by the housing crisis to share their pictures and stories with their community and advocacy groups.

The Faithify campaign Our Life After Hurricane Michael: A Youth-Led Photo Voice Project. has met its $2500 goal. Thanks to all who contributed. This campaign can raise funds beyond the goal, so please continue to share the campaign page link.

Climate Change Adaptation projects have been initiated statewide to prepare people in vulnerable communities to cope with sea level rise and to gather data.

Legislative Advocacy

Meet with your legislators and staff in their district offices before the start of the 2023 legislative session to convey your concerns. Form teams with interfaith partners and representatives of other progressive organizations.

SIGN UP for ACTION ALERTS. Respond with calls, emails and text messages to your elected representatives urging them to support the UUJF Legislative Agenda

Justice Initiatives

Immigration Reform

Petition Drives

Right to Clean and Healthy Water

Move to Amend the Constitution to establish that only human beings have constitutional rights and money is not political speech and can be regulated.

Universal, affordable healthcare without limits on pre-existing conditions is a human right.